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Welcome to CBI - the Center for BioInformatics is the first bioinformatics center in China, founded in 1996. It is currently home to seven faculty and staff, one adjunct faculty, and 20 doctorate students. Located in the new Life Science Building on Peking University campus, it houses several computing labs with strong computer hardware and software facilities and a molecular biology lab. While continuing to maintain the first and largest online bioinformatics resource in China as China's official national node of EMBnet, CBI has published in the areas of gene expression regulation, genome analysis and evolution, and pathway networks. CBI is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, and Natural Science Foundation of China.

Biocuration 2015

The 8th International Biocuration Conference will be held 23-26 April 2015 in Beijing (more ...) . Chinese paricipants may visit here for an introduction.

Bioinformatics Resource at CBI

ATRM Arabidopsis Transcriptional Regulatory Map
PlantTFDB Plant transcription factor database
Rice-Map A Map Like Rice Genome Browser and Related Resource
FTP FTP server for public data (e.g. GenBank, EMBL) downloading.
WebLab Your lab on the web
Resource CBI research, development or maintaining resource (AnnoLnc, hESlincRNABrower, CPC, PlantTFDB, WebLab, FTP, ...)
Download Public ftp/rsync server of database and software
Courses Bioinformatics courses (ABC, MiB, Evo, SG)
Publication CBI Publication papers
FAQ Frequent Asked Questions